Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Review: Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland

by M. J. Joachim

In a world where high tech is quickly becoming the rule, complete with innovative strategies to compromise personal, private and public security, a very real scenario where human error is taken to extremes, because base existence of wholly natural human chatter is often the source of extreme breaches of confidentiality, Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland does absolutely nothing to ease our minds or calm our fears! It is in fact the antithesis of everything we full heartedly want to believe, knowing full well, that Social Engineer is undoubtedly more accurate than many of us will ever want to know.

White hats and black hats, above board hackers and underground hackers - IT specialists in every sense of the word, ordinary, interesting people capable of lying and deceiving even the most astute persons, vigilant beyond reason in their desire to protect themselves and their businesses from any hacker who’d dare so much as attempt to take them down, only to be exposed for their weaknesses, made to feel stupid in the process of realizing just how vulnerable they really are, which ultimately makes everyone else around them vulnerable too.

Firewalls be damned! This is the real world and everyone one in it is potentially at risk; there is no safety net to catch us, though we do have tools available to minimize the gravity of the situation. More than that, we have our own intelligence to put on heightened alert, as we attempt to outsmart the hackers, or at the very least recognize who they are. Can you tell by looking at one? I doubt it! Are the white hats truly as honest as they seem, when they are constantly tempted to betray their personal integrity for any variety of reasons, including love interests? Yea, I’m somehow not thinking that’s a safe bet either.

Social Engineer is an interesting and intense, short novella, a preview to the much longer Brody Taylor series being written by Ian Sutherland. There are times when the book is a little slow, as Sutherland explains the technology taking place behind the scenes, but it’s important background information for the fullness of the story, so this is actually a perk, as opposed to a detriment. I enjoyed the book, and am glad I have a few strange security measures in place in my own defense.

It all makes me wonder what we’ve come to and just how far we’ll go, the sign of a good book that forces additional thoughts beyond the story. Mystery, suspense and a bit of relationship tension - both in the office and on the home front, this book has quite a bit going for it, so I think you’ll be pleased to pick up a copy today.

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