Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blogging 101 Pet Peeves According to Moi

By M. J. Joachim

Captcha: In all the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve never figured out how adding, often unreadable code, before letting people comment on a post, improves security. From a blogger perspective, it seems like a deterrent for visitors, making them skip the commenting process altogether. From a commenter perspective, it simply drives me crazy.

I’m nice enough about it, especially for new bloggers, or bloggers who don’t have very many followers. I’ll take the time, entering those blurry letters and digits more than once, for at least a little while and a few visits. After that, however, my time becomes just as valuable as yours. Once I know you’ve taken time to comment on my blog, and are probably doing some blog hopping of your own, I know you’ve seen how many blogs don’t have captcha and don’t seem to be suffering by not tormenting their commenters with it. 

Blogging is about community, and if bloggers are too insecure to make it easy for others to comment on their posts, maybe they just don’t want to get that many comments. Maybe they’re just not as sociable as the rest of the bloggers out there, who don’t seem to need those silly captcha boxes. If only the captcha boxes were eliminated completely.

Redirecting Links: I’m all for clicking on recommended links in any blog post. What I don’t like is getting taken to another page completely, when I want to stay on the page I’m reading. It’s wonderful to open a new window and add to the information I’m already reading. It’s not so wonderful to have to hit the back button, once, twice, numerous times…to try to find the original page I was on, and then find the spot where I left off.

I’m less inclined to let this get to me too much, as I know sometimes computers have a mind of their own, and blog platforms don’t always work the way we want them to. However, it’s truly not that hard to click on the “Open in another window” when you’re inserting a link into a post, and it truly does make it easier on the reader. Not to mention, it keeps the visitor on your blog, which gives them more opportunity to explore what you’ve written.

Do you agree with my blogging 101 pet peeves, or do you have a few of your own? Please share them in the comments and lets see what we can do to raise awareness in the blogosphere. We’re all in this together, after all – speaking of which, have you signed up for the A – Z Challenge yet? It’s going to be here before you know it, and if you want more exposure for your blog, this is one of the easiest ways to get it that I know of.

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Wishing you every success with your blogging.

M. J.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movie Review: Magic Mike

By M. J. Joachim

Culture and society seem to have a strange obsession with steaming bodies getting an audience all hot and bothered. Blame it on the porn industry, objectified sex and a peculiarly cold, callous disregard for others. We are focused on ourselves for the most part, rarely thinking that maybe, just maybe, something might be in it for the other guy, and it just might be worthwhile.

Magic Mike definitely fits the bill, with its missing story line and plot, lack of character development and short-sighted imposition in our movie industry. It was about the guys – a movie for women who have long watched men get way too turned on by topless bars, nudie magazines and cheap thrill sex videos. Finally, a tame version for the ladies made its way to center stage, and boy was it hyped up.

Sex for the sake of sex is wasted on me. I wanted to see the story behind the dancing, get to know and become interested in the characters and connect to a story line that made the film worth watching. Add in a little sex if you have to, but don’t base an entire movie on a few hot models dancing on a stage. Watching a bunch of undersexed women screaming, drooling and passing out at the sight of a few hot men dancing on a stage, certainly had its drawbacks in the film as well.

However, it was really funny when the one dancer threw his back out, after picking up one of the groupies, turning her upside down and attempting to get her all hot and bothered. She was left standing on the stage, while he limped off stage. There were a few scenes that brought reality to the surface, causing me to give a sigh of relief that I hadn’t just wasted too much precious time in my day, to watch a movie that objectified men the way women have been objectified for years. The irony of it all couldn’t help but give me pause.

I’m not going to recommend this movie to a wider audience. It’s been out for a while now, and if someone needs a cheap thrill from watching hot guys get paid to dance on stage, who am I to discourage anyone from seeing it. I do think guys should watch it as much as women – just to get a taste of how so many of us feel. Maybe they could watch it with their better half and find the humor in it all. Who knows, it could teach them some new moves and be a good warm up movie or something.

Yes, that was another scene that made me laugh, when Matthew McConaughey taught Alex Pettyfer how to take off his clothes and dance in front of a mirror. All men could learn a thing or two from that scene. Suffice to say, taking your clothes off like a twelve year old doesn’t make her want to fulfill your every desire. No offense guys, it was just another reality check in the movie.

Watch Magic Mike at your own risk. Try not to take it too seriously, not that there’s much to take seriously in the movie anyway. It’s okay, but nothing that will leave you wanting for more, unless all you care about is nude, hot, sweaty male bodies, that is…and if so, you're in for a treat, because I heard they’re making a sequel which has a TBA release date sometime in 2015.

So how do you feel about Magic Mike and the upcoming sequel? Did you enjoy all the hot guys so much, that the lack of storyline didn’t bother you, or did you kind of wish there was something more? Do you hope your better half learns how to take his clothes off a little less like a twelve year old, or perhaps takes some initiative to dance like that? Hey, it’s a silver lining if ever there was one. Sit his butt beside you and give him a notebook and pen!

M. J.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Following Blogs vs. Visiting Blogs

By M. J. Joachim

As bloggers, we tend to follow a lot of blogs. I know I do anyway. That said, it is not enough to follow other bloggers, we also need to make the time to visit them. Visiting them is not enough either, however, because we have to take the time to comment and let the authors of these blogs know we stopped by.

Whew! Glad I got that mouthful out of the way! My fingers were getting sore, trying to sort out what my brain was trying to get them to type!

I spoke to this a bit last week, and it bears repeating. Blogging is a task with multiple elements. Write, post, visit.

Sometimes when I realize how many blogs I follow, versus how many blogs I visit, I get a little embarrassed. Hundreds of blogs, and for years I’ve only visited and commented on a fraction of those regularly. New Year’s resolution perhaps, but for months I’ve been taking steps to change that about my blogging regimen. Here’s to new and better blogging habits. Everyone in agreement say, “Aye!”

Okay then! Looks like we all are on the same page. No time like the present. Leave a comment and move along to the next blog already!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Writing Tips today. It’s always a pleasure to read what you have to say about my posts!

M. J.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Woohoo! I Received the Dragon’s Loyalty Award

By M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/5/15

Thank you, Deanie, for honoring me with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I humbly accept this generous gift, bowing to your kindness with sincere appreciation.

Guidelines for receiving this award include displaying the award and thanking the person who nominated you, present the award to 15 bloggers with links to their blogs, visit those 15 bloggers to let them know you’re sharing the award with them and write seven interesting things about yourself in your blog post, when you accept the award.

Oh boy, seven things about me…can I start with the fact that I don’t like to talk about myself. This goes all the way back to childhood, folks. I’m simply not a center stage person. Oh, I’ve tried to face my fears about this through the years, often creating more laughs and tears than anything else.

Like the time I played in my first (and last) piano recital. You simply can’t imagine how hard I worked on A Time for Us. As the event drew near, I pleaded with my piano teacher, “Please, I’ll do anything. You simply can’t make me perform on stage.” This was every time I saw her, for weeks before the recital. She kept reminding me that I had mastered the piece. I kept telling her it wasn’t about playing. She didn’t get it, and when I took stage, I played the same first three notes over and over again, drawing a complete and total blank for the rest of the music. I was in fourth or fifth grade at the time, and it was positively devastating.

As I mentioned, I kept trying to conquer my fears about this through the years. When I was 17, I was in the Miss Teen Northern California Beauty Pageant. I was also a freshman in college at the time, a member of the San Jose City College Newspaper Staff. Talk about an opportunity to write, but that’s another story entirely.

Instead of talent competition, contestants were required to write and deliver speeches to the audience. You never saw anyone work so hard, driving everyone in my house crazy, as I spent weeks and months memorizing and practicing delivering my speech. The writing was the easy part, as I’m sure you may have realized.

Finally, the big night arrived. There I was taking center stage. I held my head high, took the deepest breath I could and delivered the most amazing speech of my life, complete with standing ovation from the audience. It was one of the most amazing feelings in my life, as I looked out and saw hundreds of people standing and cheering, after I delivered my speech all about trying, meeting your fears head on and never giving up, when something matters and is important to you.

These two stories include seven things about me, so I’ll move on now and nominate the following fabulous bloggers to receive this award, except I’m going to bend the rules a bit. I’m going to nominate a few special blog groups instead.

I’m going to nominate novice writers and bloggers, people new to this world of Internet writing, who need good, solid support in their journeys. I’m going to nominate storytellers, poets and script writers, people who work so hard at their crafts because they have to, and without this work, they would cease to be themselves.

I know that’s way more than 15 bloggers, all deserving of more than a little extra writing support and love. Thanks again for sharing this award with me, Deanie. It’s fun remembering when. It’s even better bragging about some truly amazing artists, our peers who need and love to write, people who give us food for thought, help us consider new perspectives and enlighten our worlds because they can’t stop typing and writing.

M. J.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visiting Other Blogs Increases Follower Count

By M. J. Joachim

One of the things I’ve noticed since I started blogging is that visiting other blogs increases my own follower count and page views. As easy as it is to believe that blogging is a solitary activity, one where we share our posts with others, it’s not entirely accurate. Blogging is a community activity, where we share, others share, and everyone enjoys what everyone is sharing.

Developing healthy relationships with other bloggers is an important aspect of blogging. It can’t be one-sided. Healthy relationships are fostered through a balancing act of give and take. If all I’m doing is giving, without noticing what I’m receiving, my blog pays the price.

As much as I know what I have to say is important, one-of-a-kind, special, unique – fill in your own descriptions here, please, I also must acknowledge that other bloggers feel the same way about their posts. They work as hard, maybe even harder than I do, to produce quality content they want to share with the world.

I’m not going to carry on anymore about this, because I’ve got some very important blog visiting to do. Before I go, I would like to share a few ideas that might make visiting other blogs a little easier for you.

  1. Join a blog hop. It doesn’t matter which one – there are so many to choose from. However, my personal favorite is the A – Z Challenge. Duh! You already knew that, didn’t you?
  2. Visit everyone who comments on your blog. Then visit everyone who comments on their blogs.
  3. Visit at least ten blogs you already follow, each and every day of the week. By the end of the week, you’ll have visited 50 – 70 blogs, depending on if you blog 5 – 7 days p/week.
  4. Visit and comment on blogs shared on your social media sites. If you like what you read, press the button and pass it around.
  5. Dedicate one day a week to sharing other blogs on your own blog. You have to visit the blogs to know what to write about. Then you want to visit the blogs to let them know you shared their blog on your own blog. Talk about building relationships and friendships!

Visiting other blogs takes time, I know. But it’s the other half of blogging that fulfills the desired outcome. It’s sort of like going to the bathroom, flushing the toilet and washing your hands afterward. When I potty-trained my kids, it was all one activity – use the toilet, flush and wash. I never separated the elements, because I wanted the habits to work together, making life easier on everyone, and keeping the sanitation aspect in proper perspective. 

Blogging is like that too. Post, visit and share. It’s all one activity, ultimately designed to keep bloggers working together, resulting in a happier blogging experience for all.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. It's always a pleasure to see you've stopped by.

M. J.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting to Know Pat Hatt from It’s Rhyme Time

Pat Hatt, author and blogger extraordinaire, has graciously come to visit my zoo today. As I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing quite a few of his books, you’ll find several of them listed on my Recommended Reading page. It’s all about fun today, as we get to know a little bit more about Pat and his cat. Thank you for being such a generous guest today, Mr. Hatt.

By Pat Hatt

So Pat and the cat are here to play. We are not quite sure what we are going to say. But off we will go anyway, come what may.

So MJ wants the inside scoop,
We think the litterbox may throw her for a loop.
So we will avoid such a scoop,
And raid the chicken coup.

What can we come out and say,
That hasn't already been said in the 1000+ posts at our bay?
Another kids book on the way?
Yeah, you knew that, hmm okay.

We type everything with one hand,
At first it was not grand,
But now as easy as can be,
And we can keep up with thee.

What else about us?
Hmmm we don't really fuss.
After the crap we've been through,
Nothing much bothers us at our zoo.

Not even horny old men.
Fire could burn down our den,
And we'd just walk away,
Like it was any other day.

The voices in our head,
Even talk during bed.
Can be rough to get to sleep.
But they help with the writing upkeep.

Contributions to writing indeed,
They are at our feed.
As is pretty much anything else too.
One word is all we need at our zoo.

Then off we go,
With a new flow.
If we had the dough,
An easy 1000 kids books would show.

Not sure where it comes from,
But the stories sure hum.
We don't even need rum.
We are stretching our skills and then some.

As you just never know,
Something new may show.
Until then though,
We continue to let it flow.

And now we are done with our guesting fun. Pat has to go flail about, doing that thing called working out. Hour and a half of that each day too. I think he has a loose screw. But it can entertain the cat. Just remember to write each day at your mat. Better go before MJ calls the cops on our little trespass and they try to arrest my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. If you’re a poetry blogger, you might consider joining the A – Z Challenge this year, and sharing your rhymes, analogies and words of poetic wisdom with the rest of us. Pat and his cat are already signed up and eager to rhyme. Sharing poetry in the Challenge promises to be quite a good time.

M. J.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Movie Review: Winter’s Tale

By M. J. Joachim

Previews and early advertising did not prepare me for the movie I saw. Winter’s Tale, while having a romantic element, was more of a story about good and evil, as opposed to a love story made for the big screen. More than that, it was a mixture of science fiction and fantasy, which ultimately deflated my expectations even more.

The beginning of the movie quickly set the pace - slow, curious, questionable. As the story and plot developed, the pace quickened a bit. The actors were actually quite good – a star-studded cast including Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Will Smith. Would you expect anything less than stellar performances?

A few days after seeing the movie, I saw the book for sale in the bookstore. Having seen the movie, I quickly moved on, without even picking it up off the shelf. It is often said that books are better than the movie. Winter’s Tale is one I will not venture to find out for certain, because the story seemed inconsistent to me, venturing into strange fantasies about hell and how the powers that be impose themselves on humans.

It wasn’t scary or anything, simply vague and lacking the cohesiveness that might have pulled the story together, much like a fine thread weaves itself through a tapestry, outlining the important details, solidifying the foundation and accenting the overall picture.

My recommendation for Winter’s Tale is to wait and see it at the dollar theater or when it comes out on the t.v. movie distributor channels. It’s not worth the full price of a movie ticket, but it’s not the worst movie out there either, especially if you like the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

If you’re a movie buff, you might consider sharing A- Z movie reviews on your own blog in the A – Z Challenge this April. Please accept this personal invitation to join us.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. It’s always so much fun to engage in conversation with you, and read what you think about my posts.

M. J.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Writing Kissing Scenes by C. Lee McKenzie

C. Lee McKenzie, one of my amazing AZTechs for the A - Z Challenge, has graciously accepted my offer to share a guest post on Writing Tips today. I’ve known Lee for quite some time now, and even had the pleasure of reviewing Lee’s debut book, Sliding on the Edge. Of course, Lee’s written several more books since then. She also keeps up with her blog, The Write Game. Take it away, Lee.

by C. Lee McKenzie

Thanks for inviting me to Guest Blog, M.J.

Since Valentine's Day just happened, I thought I'd post about the kiss in love scenes.

For me and for many writers, these are often difficult to write, especially the steamy kind. And I don't mean to confuse love scenes with sex scenes at all. They are different, but love scenes do have degrees of passion. And I think the problem I have writing the more passionate ones has to do with the fact that readers so often ask me if my stories are autobiographical. 

"Not exactly, but kind of," is my hedgy answer.

And then they give me the look, and I know they're remembering something I put down in words, probably something "revealing," like that heavy petting I let that last character engage in.

Anyway, love scenes are important, and they can enhance a story when well-written. So how can you use the kiss to develop a more engaging and exciting moment for the reader.

* Since the two most important factors in a great love scene are tension and tenderness (Stein,1995), the kiss is a perfect act to capture both. 
First, postpone that kiss as long as possible to create the tension you want. If you want the guy to be simpatico and the girl interested but cautious, here's one way to show that.

Eric pulled Megan close and cupped her chin in his hand. "You are so beautiful." He leaned over her and his breath brushed her cheek.

The door opened and flooded the bedroom with bright light and the thumping beat of music from downstairs. A kid with a hoodie froze in the doorway. "Hey, sorry, man. Thought this was the bathroom." He backed out, but left the door ajar.

Megan tugged her sweater down and started to leave when Eric grabbed her arm. "Stay."

She pressed the door closed and let him gather her into his arms again. "Maybe we need to take this a little more slowly, okay."

"Okay." He held her close, resting his cheek against her hair.

* The kiss is a great way to characterize your couple.
Lena let him pull her close. His kiss started with soft pressure, then he took her lower lip between his teeth. She jerked her head back. Nobody had ever bitten her lip before. She wasn't sure she like it.

"What?" he let her go and stepped back, glaring.

* Enhance the love scene by focusing on the sensations and emotions of the kiss.
I leaned into him, feeling the warmth of his chest and the steady rhythm of his heart. His kiss came like butterflies on my lips.

Then he held me away and smiled. "I have more. Tell me when you want it."

"Now would be a good time." Then I lost myself in his kiss and this time the butterflies demanded much more of me.

I'm not a romance writer, so I have limited knowledge of this romantic scene business, but I'm practicing. Let me know what you do with the kiss in your love scenes.

Thanks again for your guest piece, Lee. And thanks to all of you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. 

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the A - Z Challenge. Lee and I will both see you there! We've also got a special post for Jeremy Hawkins there today. Be sure to read the blog and leave a comment, please.

M. J.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review: The Rebirth of Dino Earth by Pat Hatt

by M. J. Joachim

With a clear message for the little guy, Pat Hatt once again entices us with a children’s story that will delight all audiences. The Rebirth of Dino Earth is full of excited animation, twists, turns and a compelling, unexpected ending. It is an encouragement to all who have been bullied, a warning to all bullies.

Ozzy Esha’s illustrations are not to be missed in this vibrant children’s story, one I’m sure will be read over and over again, when children, parents and grandparents sit down to devour its rhyme. The partnership of Pat and Ozzy is a perfect fit, maximizing the thrill of reading this entertaining story.

Written and illustrated with excellence, but more importantly, written with a sense of courage and hope, Hatt demonstrates the power of writing full circle. From beginning to end, we find ourselves on a journey with The Rebirth of Dino Earth. We are introduced to the characters, their dilemma, a bit of chaos, their resolve and ultimately their solution – a result that is as surprising as it is appealing.

My writing tip for you after reading this story is to make your story come together naturally. Allow the end to fulfill the beginning in a satisfactory way for your audience. Let your words flow from one scene to the next with purpose, gently blending each scene, as if woven in the finest tapestry of words.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. I’ll see you again soon.

M. J.

Btw, Pat Hatt is one of many participants in the A – Z 2014 Challenge. His blog, It’s Rhyme Time is not to be missed. Have you signed up for the Challenge yet?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: A Cat’s Legacy – Dulcy’s Companion Book by Dulcy and Dee Ready

by M. J. Joachim

It’s easy to appreciate an author who cares about her audience. We know this without question upon reading, A Cat’s Legacy, by Dulcy and Dee Ready. From the moment I began reading, I felt respected as a reader. Ready took the time to write efficiently and effectively, so all I had to do was read the story, a story that is written well and flows with ease. 

Because of their thoughtfulness, I was able to immerse myself in the tale of a cat and her human. Dulcy and Dee engaged me with their story, a story of love, hope, life journeys and lessons. They reached out to me as another human being, engaging me with their words, patiently painting a picture through an entertaining and thought-provoking book.

Little anecdotes bring the story to life. As a pet lover, it was easy to let my mind see the images portrayed, delighting in the stories revealed. I was highly entertained, finding myself giggling and laughing out loud on several occasions. Without restraint, I found myself remembering all the dogs in my life – I’m allergic to cats, and picturing the world through their eyes.

When Luna required some extra morning attention, and I wasn’t about to quit reading, I quickly settled her on the couch next to me, and started reading out loud. She promptly curled up into a ball, closed her eyes and went to sleep – until I stopped reading, that is. Then she opened her eyes, stretched one paw as if begging me to continue, and quickly resumed position when I consented to her demands.

A Cat’s Legacy is a wonderful tale that deserves a wide audience. Dulcy and Dee worked hard to make this a book suitable for readers. More importantly, they took the time to write an entertaining, inspiring, self-help book, that gently reminds each person how valuable they are in this world. A Cat’s Legacy is an uplifting affirmation of life – each life, and our dynamic connection to this world and the universe beyond. It is a story of love – love for self, love for others and love for all that makes us one and who we are, a story designed to inspire us to be who we are truly meant to be, making the world a better place in the process.

My writing tip from reading this book is simple. Respect and appreciate your audience enough to make their reading effortless, engaging, entertaining and thoughtful. Give them the joy of reading from your book, not the frustration of trying to figure out what you are trying to convey. Give them the true experience of reading a deservedly published book that you’ve taken the time to write professionally.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

M. J.

Btw, have you signed up for the A – Z Challenge yet? April is right around the corner…

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Review: Forbidden by Salem Kane

by M. J. Joachim

Roman Gladiators meet vampires and werewolves – strike that, it’s more like Roman Gladiators meet elves and humans, in this strange sci-fi story about boy meets girl, in the midst of escaping from the enemy to another world, only for the primary elf to fall in love with the girl in a slapstick comedy of errors. Throw in some Star Trek – beam the characters back and forth between worlds as desired, to keep the story moving along, and Forbidden is propelled into the marketplace.

Seriously, this story has a major identity crisis! It’s like watching Spartacus, Twilight, Merlin and Robin Hood simultaneously. Well at least we know what Kane probably likes to watch on t.v.

The sex scenes could easily have been the best parts, if only they hadn’t been watered down with what appears to be the writer’s clear embarrassment with writing them. Words like “manhood” and “soft spots” diluted the thrusts and drenching sweat, pouring out of every cell in both elf and human bodies. Had the writer not held back…even though the writer held back, these were the best written sequences in the story, and I found myself wishing Kane had written the entire book with as much focus, energy and passion.

There were heroes and villains, friendships and betrayals. Barroom brawls had glimpses of those age-old westerns, complete with rickety staircases, shoddy rooms above the saloon and slimy characters hiding in the shadows, greedily collecting whatever tidbits they could con from passersby.

I won’t bore you with the details about lack of editing and formatting. Suffice to say, anyone can write and publish a book, but no one should milk the marketplace, and get paid for doing so, when their manuscript runs rampant with missing periods at the end of sentences, random boldface for emphasis and numerous other careless mistakes made throughout.

All this aside, my biggest writing tip to you after reading Forbidden is:

Develop your characters fully. If you find yourself explaining or justifying their actions, in italics used as thoughts from their brain, stop. Your character needs to act without thinking, until you know your audience will understand. Skip the clichés that attempt to clue us in on a private joke. We get it already, and the joke will be on you, if you don’t take the time to thoroughly develop your characters.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

M. J.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review: The Designated Survivor by JC Gatlin

By M. J. Joachim

Fast paced, full of energy, action, adventure and excitement, The Designated Survivor provides readers with a quick read that is sure to exhilarate the senses. 

Tess is an escaped convict who meets up with a mentally disturbed man, destined to be her companion for a perfect getaway. Okay, so it’s not so perfect, after all, since he appears to be completely off his rocker.

Definitely fiction, this book takes readers on a joyride, through twists, turns and unexpected detours. It’s entirely unreal, which is perfectly fine, because the reader knows this from the start, making one able to sit down and read, enjoying the entertainment of it all.

Despite the few typos – missing periods here and there, which I chalked up to computer glitches, because the story was so much fun, this book is delightfully pleasing to read. I’m adding it to my Recommended Reading List, in hopes you’ll enjoy it too.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today. I’ll see you again soon.

M. J.

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