Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movie Review: Magic Mike

By M. J. Joachim

Culture and society seem to have a strange obsession with steaming bodies getting an audience all hot and bothered. Blame it on the porn industry, objectified sex and a peculiarly cold, callous disregard for others. We are focused on ourselves for the most part, rarely thinking that maybe, just maybe, something might be in it for the other guy, and it just might be worthwhile.

Magic Mike definitely fits the bill, with its missing story line and plot, lack of character development and short-sighted imposition in our movie industry. It was about the guys – a movie for women who have long watched men get way too turned on by topless bars, nudie magazines and cheap thrill sex videos. Finally, a tame version for the ladies made its way to center stage, and boy was it hyped up.

Sex for the sake of sex is wasted on me. I wanted to see the story behind the dancing, get to know and become interested in the characters and connect to a story line that made the film worth watching. Add in a little sex if you have to, but don’t base an entire movie on a few hot models dancing on a stage. Watching a bunch of undersexed women screaming, drooling and passing out at the sight of a few hot men dancing on a stage, certainly had its drawbacks in the film as well.

However, it was really funny when the one dancer threw his back out, after picking up one of the groupies, turning her upside down and attempting to get her all hot and bothered. She was left standing on the stage, while he limped off stage. There were a few scenes that brought reality to the surface, causing me to give a sigh of relief that I hadn’t just wasted too much precious time in my day, to watch a movie that objectified men the way women have been objectified for years. The irony of it all couldn’t help but give me pause.

I’m not going to recommend this movie to a wider audience. It’s been out for a while now, and if someone needs a cheap thrill from watching hot guys get paid to dance on stage, who am I to discourage anyone from seeing it. I do think guys should watch it as much as women – just to get a taste of how so many of us feel. Maybe they could watch it with their better half and find the humor in it all. Who knows, it could teach them some new moves and be a good warm up movie or something.

Yes, that was another scene that made me laugh, when Matthew McConaughey taught Alex Pettyfer how to take off his clothes and dance in front of a mirror. All men could learn a thing or two from that scene. Suffice to say, taking your clothes off like a twelve year old doesn’t make her want to fulfill your every desire. No offense guys, it was just another reality check in the movie.

Watch Magic Mike at your own risk. Try not to take it too seriously, not that there’s much to take seriously in the movie anyway. It’s okay, but nothing that will leave you wanting for more, unless all you care about is nude, hot, sweaty male bodies, that is…and if so, you're in for a treat, because I heard they’re making a sequel which has a TBA release date sometime in 2015.

So how do you feel about Magic Mike and the upcoming sequel? Did you enjoy all the hot guys so much, that the lack of storyline didn’t bother you, or did you kind of wish there was something more? Do you hope your better half learns how to take his clothes off a little less like a twelve year old, or perhaps takes some initiative to dance like that? Hey, it’s a silver lining if ever there was one. Sit his butt beside you and give him a notebook and pen!

M. J.

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