Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Lovers and the Ebook Revolution

I’ve been thinking about this whole ebook revolution for quite some time now, particularly since I started reading a paperback book I received last Christmas. It was easy to pick up my book from the stack I carefully piled on the corner of my dresser, until I could get to them. Somehow, I don’t think I’d be as excited about sorting through files on my computer or ebook reader, while trying to remember which ebooks I had in my priority reading stash.

Yes, I’m one of those…

I really do pile books and place them in strategic bundles to remind me I need to read them some day. And yes, eventually I end up reading every last book in the stack too.

My computer is a bit of a different story. As my desktop gets crowded, I tend to file things away…this includes sending as much as I can to the round file.

Old ebooks remind me of old magazines for some reason. There are more than enough being published every single day, many with the same or similar topics and themes. How many ebooks does one really need to keep on file anyway?

Books on the other hand, real books that you actually hold in your hands to read, flip through the pages, leaving orange Cheetos marks on their corners, inhaling the delightful aroma of ink on recycled paper and using them in place of a coaster when none can be found…these are the essence of what faithful readers desire and keep forever. They will never be doomed to the life of just another file on just another outdated computer that needs to upgrade its software yet again. 

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Pictures and Images Enhance Websites

The World Wide Web is a visually stimulating place where interaction occurs because webmasters take the time to make their product appealing to their visitors. One of the reasons many web page designers attract visitors is because their pages include pictures and other images that provide a place for the eye to land, upon reaching the destination of the page.

Consider why people are surfing the web. It’s not to waste time, though many will probably admit to spending way too much time on the Internet. People search for information; they want to know immediately if the page they land on will give them what they seek. Is there any better way than to have a picture staring them in the face, with an image that draws them further into the page, offering an opportunity to read a well-written article, which has been presented thoroughly and professionally?

Pictures enhance websites in other ways too. Each image has its own story to tell and stands alone. This triggers energy in the brain of the person seeing it, relaying a vast realm of messages to its recipient. Including pictures in web pages isn’t some willy-nilly, last minute, hasty decision. It is part of the overall integral design that creates an ambience and helps determine whether or not visitors will return. Chances are, if they’re not impressed with the images viewed the first time they enter a site, they won’t bother reading what’s on the page, let alone returning to see if there’s anything new worth considering.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Writing on the Path of Least Resistance

I decided quite some time ago I needed to take the path of least resistance in my life. I’ve considered myself a writer for as long as I can remember, yet somehow this didn’t affect my choices early on, when it came to writing on the Internet. I hemmed, hawed and backed myself into corners, when clearly I was in a room without them.

Writing sites worked to get my feet wet with Internet writing. I’ll give them that. But that’s all I will give them. They taught me to cut and paste, format and even learn a little html for the sake of sanity. I noticed those html skills came in handy today when I was updating this blog. You wouldn’t believe how much I didn’t know I already knew!

Getting back on track now…

Perhaps that’s why I chose to update my crochet blog first. Oh, did I mention I’m on a mission to revive my old blogs, and take that path of least resistance I discussed in the opening paragraph of this post? Crochet and blogging are fun. It’s why I started that blog in the first place…to have fun with crochet and writing simultaneously. Sharing what I already love to do is one way of taking the path of least resistance.

Somewhere along the line, I got all bunged up and serious about writing. Spent too much time on writing forums, I suppose. Listened to too much negativity on writing mill sites – you know the ones…they tell you how you’re going to increase traffic to all your work, but what they don’t tell you is that in doing so, you’re going to increase traffic to their site and fight for a place on the front page!


This is the Internet, and any site that tells you to follow their specific formula for success to get yourself noticed, isn’t telling you how to become a star, but asking you to help them improve their own Google Page Rank!

The path of least resistance is the one you feel most comfortable taking. For me, it’s being true to myself, not taking myself too seriously and when money is involved, making sure I’m happy with the entire situation. I won’t grovel for assignments. I won’t accept pennies for articles and I will walk away from a bad deal. If I didn’t, writing would quickly take the path of burnout, block and all those terms we use to express writers being unable to write. There’s a reason for it, and it’s not because we simply don’t have anything else to say!

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Writers in a Changing World


That’s all I can reasonably say about writing, writer’s block, blogging, CHANGE!!!!

Ah, yes, the dreaded word that forces us to live outside of our comfort zone, if only for a moment in time. That’s one thing the Internet is famous for…a constant state of change, and if you’re not prepared to deal with it, you’re likely to get swept away in the undertow – completely forgotten, misplaced only to land on some distant shore…another planet perhaps, a faint familiarity that serves only to remind you that as much as you love the Internet, you’re not too fond of always having to get used to it.

It’s certainly not like riding a bike now, is it? I mean, just when you think you know what you’re doing, someone has a better idea of how everyone else should be doing things on the web. The BIG GUYS >>>>you know who I’m talking about>>>>GOOGLE, FACEBOOK , TWITTER – and now PINTEREST too!!!  They’ve gone and decided change is all the rage…you’re raging, aren’t you? It’s okay, you can be honest about it. I won’t tell anyone….

Well, I hate to break it to you, but this blog is changing too...

I’m giving it the once over, following more blogs that share writing expertise than I care to think about and deciding that no one can teach anyone else how to write!

What I can do is share anything writing related in this blog.

Writers write. That’s all there is to it. Some follow all the rules and become quite successful. Others break all the rules and end up on the New York Times Best Seller List. Go figure! The Internet…that’s a completely different ballgame! Article writing, writing for clients, niche writing, blogging...

Writers share! That’s better. We write, read, comment, market, pitch…we are masters of outreach and we’re very good at using our words to do it too!

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